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Book Review: Fearless Public Speaking by Joy Jones

Hey, and welcome to a new review! Today's review isn't a book I would normally review, but I think if you're like me and are a shy book nerd, this book could help you considerably. I know it has help me! The author, Joy Jones, sent me the book to review and I'm very thankful… Continue reading Book Review: Fearless Public Speaking by Joy Jones

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Yearly Wrap Up- 2019

Wow, was 2019 a year or reading for me. It was the year I read the most books (101!), a year or discovering new genres I didn't normally read, new authors, new favorite books, bookish friends, bookish life experiences, and so much more! I am also posting this on the 2 year anniversary of me… Continue reading Yearly Wrap Up- 2019

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Reading Wrap-up: November (2019)

Hey, and welcome back to my blog! You may remember me as someone who used to blog? Yeah, it's been busy, but at least I'm finally getting around to posting this! I read 8 books in November, ranging from children's classics that I read for work, to ARCs, to recently published books I'd been dying… Continue reading Reading Wrap-up: November (2019)

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My Nancy Drew Haunted Savannah Convention Recap!

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be sharing with you my (very long) recap of the Nancy Drew Haunted Savannah Convention of 2019! For those of you who may not know, I am a huge Nancy Drew fan. (You can find out a bit more about my love of Nancy Drew on my 'About Me'… Continue reading My Nancy Drew Haunted Savannah Convention Recap!

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Reading Wrap Up- October (2019)

October was an extremely slow reading month for me. I was getting into the swing of a new job, wrangling with Blogtober (a bit more about that below) and general family stuff. I only read 3 books, 2 of which were ARCs and one which was a back-list books I'd been meaning to read for… Continue reading Reading Wrap Up- October (2019)

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10 Elements of Gothic Literature (Guest Post) & Novelly: The Reading App!

With NaNoWriMo happening this month, Emma Welsh reached out to me and wanted me to share with you some good talking points about Gothic Literature. These could help you plot your book or keep you feeling spooky after this brisk Halloween! Read her post below, and then stick around afterwards for an introduction to the… Continue reading 10 Elements of Gothic Literature (Guest Post) & Novelly: The Reading App!

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Blogtober: Books I want To Read But Probably Won’t

Hey everyone, welcome back to day 23 of Blogtober! Today I'll be going over books I either ant to read or have started, but probably won't finish. A lot of these will be popular books and well beloved books, so I apologize if the book I list is one of your favorites. For one reason… Continue reading Blogtober: Books I want To Read But Probably Won’t

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Blogtober: Halloween Candy Book Tag

Welcome back to Blogtober! Today, day 22, I will be sharing a book tag I made based on the question "What if Halloween candy were books?" I decided to make it into a tag and I tried to think of all different sorts of candy so there would be variation! Let's begin! Rules: Don't use… Continue reading Blogtober: Halloween Candy Book Tag