What Does My Rating Mean?

Everyone has a different idea on what a 1 star rating is, or a 5 star rating is, and this is just so you can see what I mean when I say I’ve given a book 4 stars, or maybe even a 3.5 star rating!

I’ll start by stating that everything I rate is out of 5 stars, so 1/5 is the worst and 5/5 is the best.

1 Star

A 1 star from me means that the book was horrible, I did not enjoy it, I may not have even finished it and I will not be picking it up again. It would be wishful thinking to assume I would pick up a book from that author again. I’ll probably actively recommend NOT reading this book.

1.5 Stars

A 1.5 star rating would generally mean I did not like this book, I had a lot of issues with it and It wasn’t enjoyable, but I might give that author another chance if a different book seemed interesting enough! You won’t be hearing about this book from me (At least not in a good way)!

2 Stars

I did not enjoy this book and it had issues. It was interesting enough to keep me reading it, though. I probably wouldn’t recommend this.

2.5 Stars

There may have been 2 or 3 scenes I liked, but not enough to think about reading this again. I probably recommend this to someone as a quick, mindless read.

3 Stars

It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad either. The good and the bad cancel each other out. I might recommend it if it happens to be what someone describes as a book they’re looking to read, but I probably wouldn’t recommend this on a regular basis.

3.5 Stars

Okay, this book had an interesting premise, but it didn’t live up to it. If it had been written and executed better I probably would have given it a higher rating. I might recommend this if this happens to be something I think you would like, or if it has representation you’re looking for. Just because I didn’t enjoy it doesn’t mean someone else won’t!

4 Stars

This is the most common rating that I give. I enjoyed the book, the characters and only had minor issues with it. Would recommend!

4.5 Stars

I could not put this book down! If I had any issues with it, it was probably something stupid that a character did that caused second hand embarrassment, or a few scenes I didn’t like. One of my new favorite books. I will go back and reread favorite parts. You’ll definitely be hearing about this one from me!

5 Stars

I didn’t have a single issue with this book. I enjoyed every scene, I loved the characters and I would reread it over and over again. I most likely have tabbed my favorite spots, and I’m always recommending it.

I hope this helps you understand how I rate books! I use this rating system everywhere, such as my blog, my Instagram and Goodreads.

I’m interested, how do you rate your books? I’d like to see how your mind works! If you already have a page like this set up, drop a link below or tell me in the comments how you rate books!