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Reading Wrap Up- December (2019)

I did not read very much last month... Between work, baking too many cookies, and the holidays, I just didn't get around to reading much. But I did read 5 books, so let's talk about them! #1 & 2: One of Us Is Next by Karen M. McManus- 5/5 Stars Guys. This book was SO… Continue reading Reading Wrap Up- December (2019)

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Blogtober: Things To Drink While Reading + Book Pairings!

Hey everyone, and welcome to day 6 of Blogtober! Today I'll be going over some fun autumn themed drinks to sip on while you read all of your favorite autumn books! I'll be giving you the recipes as well as a book to pair with your drink! Let's get into it! If you know me… Continue reading Blogtober: Things To Drink While Reading + Book Pairings!

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Birthday Book Haul!

My 18th birthday was on Friday, and it's so surreal! I can vote now! I'm too old to participate in my library's summer reading program! I could move out tomorrow if I wanted! I am officially classified as an adult. For my birthday, I got 8 books! Six of them I bought with money I… Continue reading Birthday Book Haul!

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Book Club Picks!

A while back, a friend texted me asking for some good books for a book club she was starting with a few friends, ages ranging from 16 to 22. She said there were no restrictions and no genre requests, they all just wanted something diverse for their group and were open to anything. So I… Continue reading Book Club Picks!


Reading Wrap-up: February (2019)

Long time, no post! Life got in the way of things, but I very recently fell down the very last stair and injured my ankle so I figured, I'm not moving around, why not read and post? So here I am. I didn't read nearly as many books this month as I did last month,… Continue reading Reading Wrap-up: February (2019)

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Book Tag and Susan Dennard AAW Wrap-Up!

Hey, and welcome to the final post of Susan Dennard Author Appreciation Week! It was lots of work to put together, but I loved every second of it. Just thinking of the intricate world that Susan put together makes me happy, because the characters, story lines and relationships are some of my favorites in all… Continue reading Book Tag and Susan Dennard AAW Wrap-Up!

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Discussion Post: Bloodwitch!

Gonna try something new this time, on our second to last day of Susan Dennard Appreciation Week! If you've read and need to talk to someone about Bloodwitch (or any of the other books, but know that there are spoilers!) then comment below! If you'd rather talk to me directly, then you can DM me… Continue reading Discussion Post: Bloodwitch!

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Fan Art Friday: Witchlands Edition!

Hello! Welcome back to SDAW! Today's post is going to feature some brilliant fan art for the Witchlands! If you've got some or I'm missing other spectacular pieces, let me know! I'll put them in a new post next time! Just a heads up, you better prepare yourself for a lot of scrolling because there… Continue reading Fan Art Friday: Witchlands Edition!

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If You Liked This, Then Try This: Susan Dennard Edition!

Welcome to another fabulous day of Susan Dennard Appreciation Week! Day 4 is a post of recommendations + links to all of my previous Witchlands book reviews! So, here are the links for my other Witchlands book reviews: TruthwitchWindwitchSightwitch My review for Bloodwitch was just posted on Tuesday! Now, on the the main event! (Let's… Continue reading If You Liked This, Then Try This: Susan Dennard Edition!

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Book Tag: Witchlands Edition!

Day 3 of SDAW is book tags created by Witchlanders! In preparation for Bloodwitch's release, Susan started something called the Witchlanders Street Team. Our job, for everyone who signed up, was to participate in challenges created by Susan to help spread the word about the series! One of those challenges, way back in the first… Continue reading Book Tag: Witchlands Edition!