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Character Interviews- Violet Saunders (AAW)

Hi, and welcome to one of the coolest posts of the week! Christine was sweet enough to answer our questions in the voices of her characters! I got to interview Violet, and I'm really happy with how my questions turned out! I wrote like I was a character interviewing Violet for the Four Paths High… Continue reading Character Interviews- Violet Saunders (AAW)

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Character Playlists for The Devouring Gray (AAW)

Hello, and welcome to day 4 of Author Appreciation Week for Christine Lynn Herman! I've never made character playlists before, but I was listening to my own favorites playlist and couldn't help but think of the characters from The Devouring Gray when certain songs came on! I decided to compile around 5 to 6 songs… Continue reading Character Playlists for The Devouring Gray (AAW)

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Book Tag: The Devouring Gray (AAW)

Heyo, and welcome to the 3rd day of Christine Lynn Herman's Author Appreciation Week! I hope you've been loving all of the posts so far! I'm super excited about today's post, because I love creating book tags and seeing you guys fill them out! It's one of my favorite creative outlets, to be honest. So… Continue reading Book Tag: The Devouring Gray (AAW)

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The Deck of Omens (AAW, Book Review)

TODAY IS THE DAY! THE SUN IS SHINING, THE TANK IS CLEAN- wait wrong thing. The Deck of Omens is officially out in the world! YAYAYAY! I'm so excited that this book is finally available for all to read! I'm very sad that this series has come to a close, but I will always reread… Continue reading The Deck of Omens (AAW, Book Review)

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Christine Lynn Herman AAW!

Hey all, and welcome back to Author Appreciation Week! This week, we're celebrating Christine Lynn Herman, the author of The Devouring Gray and the upcoming Deck of Omens, the finale to this duology. I'm going to go over a schedule for the week, introduce you to the rest of the #FourPathsFriends street team, and tell… Continue reading Christine Lynn Herman AAW!

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Reading Wrap-up: November (2019)

Hey, and welcome back to my blog! You may remember me as someone who used to blog? Yeah, it's been busy, but at least I'm finally getting around to posting this! I read 8 books in November, ranging from children's classics that I read for work, to ARCs, to recently published books I'd been dying… Continue reading Reading Wrap-up: November (2019)

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Blogtober: Favorite Autumnal Books!

Hey everyone, and welcome to day 3 of Blogtober! Today's prompt is Favorite Books to Read in Autumn! I'm pretty excited about writing this post, so I hope you enjoy it! If you have read these book, let me know your thoughts? I'd love to hear them! You'll notice a theme in this list, and… Continue reading Blogtober: Favorite Autumnal Books!

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Reading Wrap-Up: June (2019)

Up until last week, I would've been certain that I'd only have the time to read the three books that I had read in the beginning of the month, but in the last three days I've read a book a day and I won't lie, it feels nice to be back into books this heavy… Continue reading Reading Wrap-Up: June (2019)

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Book Review: The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman (Plus #BeachBlanketBookClub Wrap-Up!)

This post is a combination of things. I will be reviewing The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman and recapping my Beach Blanket Book Club posts I did in collaboration with Girls Life Magazine! I am super thankful to Girls Life for reaching out to me and wanting to send me their seven YA summer… Continue reading Book Review: The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman (Plus #BeachBlanketBookClub Wrap-Up!)


Reading Wrap-up: February (2019)

Long time, no post! Life got in the way of things, but I very recently fell down the very last stair and injured my ankle so I figured, I'm not moving around, why not read and post? So here I am. I didn't read nearly as many books this month as I did last month,… Continue reading Reading Wrap-up: February (2019)