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Book Tag: Fearless (Taylor’s Version) as Book Ships

Taylor announced that on April 9th, 2021, she would be releasing her 2nd album rerecordings with 6 bonus songs, and I knew I wanted to make a book tag from it. Bear with me, because I'm sure I won't be the only one making tags for Taylor lol. I want to preface this by letting… Continue reading Book Tag: Fearless (Taylor’s Version) as Book Ships

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Book Tag: The Devouring Gray (AAW)

Heyo, and welcome to the 3rd day of Christine Lynn Herman's Author Appreciation Week! I hope you've been loving all of the posts so far! I'm super excited about today's post, because I love creating book tags and seeing you guys fill them out! It's one of my favorite creative outlets, to be honest. So… Continue reading Book Tag: The Devouring Gray (AAW)

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Blogtober: Halloween Candy Book Tag

Welcome back to Blogtober! Today, day 22, I will be sharing a book tag I made based on the question "What if Halloween candy were books?" I decided to make it into a tag and I tried to think of all different sorts of candy so there would be variation! Let's begin! Rules: Don't use… Continue reading Blogtober: Halloween Candy Book Tag