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Surprise! I review other things now!

Hey everyone! Thanks for clicking the link to this one! I wanted to update you all on what's been going on with my blog/bookstagram. You may have noticed I haven't been super active (especially on my bookstagram). Covid-19 has been affecting more than I'd like to admit stress-wise, and I just haven't been wanting to… Continue reading Surprise! I review other things now!

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Christine Lynn Herman AAW!

Hey all, and welcome back to Author Appreciation Week! This week, we're celebrating Christine Lynn Herman, the author of The Devouring Gray and the upcoming Deck of Omens, the finale to this duology. I'm going to go over a schedule for the week, introduce you to the rest of the #FourPathsFriends street team, and tell… Continue reading Christine Lynn Herman AAW!

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Blogtober: How To Request Arcs

Hi, and thanks for joining me on day 9 of Blogtober! Today I want to talk about how to request ARCs. I'll be going over how to traditionally request a book rather than Netgalley and Edelweiss requesting; but this is primarily about talking with publishers. There weren't a lot of resources for me when I… Continue reading Blogtober: How To Request Arcs