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A to Z Reading Challenge

Hey Y'all, long time no post! My last post was in May, over 3 months ago, and since then a lot has happened in my life and I just wasn't feeling like I could post any good content. Also, I got a puppy and he takes up so much of my time it's not even… Continue reading A to Z Reading Challenge

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Book Tag: The Devouring Gray (AAW)

Heyo, and welcome to the 3rd day of Christine Lynn Herman's Author Appreciation Week! I hope you've been loving all of the posts so far! I'm super excited about today's post, because I love creating book tags and seeing you guys fill them out! It's one of my favorite creative outlets, to be honest. So… Continue reading Book Tag: The Devouring Gray (AAW)

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Blogtober: Halloween Candy Book Tag

Welcome back to Blogtober! Today, day 22, I will be sharing a book tag I made based on the question "What if Halloween candy were books?" I decided to make it into a tag and I tried to think of all different sorts of candy so there would be variation! Let's begin! Rules: Don't use… Continue reading Blogtober: Halloween Candy Book Tag

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Book Tag and Susan Dennard AAW Wrap-Up!

Hey, and welcome to the final post of Susan Dennard Author Appreciation Week! It was lots of work to put together, but I loved every second of it. Just thinking of the intricate world that Susan put together makes me happy, because the characters, story lines and relationships are some of my favorites in all… Continue reading Book Tag and Susan Dennard AAW Wrap-Up!

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Book Tag: Witchlands Edition!

Day 3 of SDAW is book tags created by Witchlanders! In preparation for Bloodwitch's release, Susan started something called the Witchlanders Street Team. Our job, for everyone who signed up, was to participate in challenges created by Susan to help spread the word about the series! One of those challenges, way back in the first… Continue reading Book Tag: Witchlands Edition!