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Character Interviews- Violet Saunders (AAW)

Hi, and welcome to one of the coolest posts of the week! Christine was sweet enough to answer our questions in the voices of her characters! I got to interview Violet, and I’m really happy with how my questions turned out! I wrote like I was a character interviewing Violet for the Four Paths High School newspaper, so you get some get-to-know-you questions, Founders questions, and school questions! I’m really proud of how this turned out, so I hope you like it as much as I do!

A note about the interview- My questions are in Italics and Violet’s answers are in Bold. Please also remember that while Christine Lynn Herman did provide the answers, unless stated otherwise, we have to assume that these are not cannon. These are just for a bit of fun!

Part One: Personal Questions

How would you describe yourself in three words.

Decisive. Persistent. Cynical.

What or who did you want to be when you grew up?

I’ve always wanted to be like my sister. I know she was only a year older than me, but that felt more grown up than I was. Now…I’m not sure. I mean, I’d love to compose scores for TV or movies or whatever someday, but mostly I just want to make it through senior year in one piece.

What is your favorite word?

Ethereal. It sounds like what it is.

Part Two: Founder Questions

How do you think being a part of a founding family will change your life?

I mean, even when I didn’t know it always had changed my life, right? Mom never would’ve raised us the way she did without her upbringing. And I never would’ve felt like she was running from something…so it kind of all feels like it’s always been part of me, it’s just that I’m finally starting to understand it.

What is the coolest part of your power? The worst?

Orpheus is pretty cool. I like having him around. But what I don’t like is the way my power messes with rules that seem like they shouldn’t be broken. It’s one thing to be able to turn stuff to stone, or disintegrate organic matter. But messing with life and death…it doesn’t feel right. I don’t ever want to resurrect someone again.

Do you wish you had grown up in Four Paths, knowing these other founding families and knowing about your powers? Or do you like looking into everything that’s happening with an unbiased point of view?

This town is seriously a nightmare. I’m glad I didn’t have to grow up here. I just wish I’d always known it existed. I also think, a lot of my friends–they don’t ask questions about things that are totally absurd. But because I didn’t grow up here, I’m not afraid to ask why, and I’m grateful for that.

Part Three: Peer Review

If you had to pick a high school superlative for you and the other founding kids, what would you pick?

Ugh. Um…Harper is most likely to never come back here after graduation. Justin would win biggest flirt? Or like, I don’t know, most infamous flirt? Most likely to make bad decisions? I guess you could say that about all of us.

May would win best hair, probably. It’s always perfect.

Isaac is…most unforgettable, I think.

I don’t know what I’d give myself. I don’t think I’ve been here long enough to earn a superlative.

There’s a talent show coming up. In this town, everyone knows everyone and everything, so there aren’t many surprise performances. What would you do to wow them?

I’ve been composing this piece that reminds me of Four Paths. But I would never perform it publicly like that. You couldn’t pay me.

I loved this insight into Violet’s own mind, and I can’t thank Christine or Kailey, who facilitated the interviews, enough for helping with this! I can’t wait to read everyone else’s interviews!

Do you have anything in common with Violet? What did you think of her answers?


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