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Character Playlists for The Devouring Gray (AAW)

Hello, and welcome to day 4 of Author Appreciation Week for Christine Lynn Herman! I’ve never made character playlists before, but I was listening to my own favorites playlist and couldn’t help but think of the characters from The Devouring Gray when certain songs came on! I decided to compile around 5 to 6 songs per character and put them in a playlist dedicated to each character. (Fun Fact- after I decided to make playlists for TDG, that’s when I had the idea to do a full week of blog posts. And then I got other people involved. You’re welcome lol)

Note: I did not use Spotify because not everyone can use Spotify, but I did make them into YouTube playlists for easy access! So here we go!

The Devouring Gray

On this playlist, you have 4 songs that I thought really captured the mood of the book.

Violet Saunders

For Violet, I wanted to find songs that were angry and melancholy, but also gave the impression of a bad ass woman who wears a lot of leather boots and jackets. I think I nailed that aspect of it.

Issac Sullivan

For Issac’s playlist, I knew I wanted something that was angry, meaningful, and kind of hip hop/rock.I think these songs portray the aesthetic I have in my mind for Issac.

Harper Carlisle

A lot of Harper’s character arc was a mix of her being mad at herself for still having feelings for Justin and the memories those bring to the surface and her not taking shit from anyone. So my playlist is a mix of empowering feel good songs and songs about liking someone when you know you shouldn’t. This is honestly one of my favorite playlists.

Justin Hawthorne

Justin’s playlist is more one the wistful and longing side. All he wants to do is help his town, help his friends, and help his family. He wishes he was a better friend, a better brother, a better son. He wishes he either did or didn’t have his powers. I think this playlist captures his intentions pretty well.

May Hawthorne

May didn’t have the chance to really come into her true potential character arc in The Devouring Gray, but you could tell she wanted to be more. She felt kind of sidelined. But she is also a really cool character who gives me the ‘floral bad ass vibes’ aesthetic. There were so many Halsey songs I wanted to put on this list, you have no idea. But she definitely wouldn’t listen to bubbly pop music, she would listen to more of a pop/rock sound. I think this is a good list for her.

So there are my playlists! One of the cool things about them is this also gives you all a glimpse into my own music library!

Do you agree with all of the songs? What would you add? I want to know! I’d love to curate the best playlists possible.


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