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Blogtober: My Favorite Things About The Fall Season

For day 20 of Blogtober, I wanted to share some of my favorite things about Fall. I know this isn’t exactly bookish, but there will be one or two bookish things on the list so don’t fret!

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  • Sweater weather!

When I lived on the west coast and in Utah, I could always count on sweater weather and long sleeve shirt season but now that I live in the south, I don’t see it happening often. I’m taking full advantage of this cyclone weather we’re getting!

  • Warm drinks

Since I don’t enjoy drinking coffee or hot chocolate, you may be wondering what warm drinks I do enjoy? Well, look no further than this post filled with my favorite recipes! #ShamlessSelfPromo

  • Putting out the potpurri

Potpurri is almost like a broth you keep simmering on the stove to make the house smell nice. You fill a small pot with water, and add orange peels, nutmeg, cinnamon, and other autumnal spices and turn the stove on low. You just let it sit and enjoy the aroma!

  • Candles!

You’re probably thinking “Sam, don’t you light your candles throughout the year anyways? ” and to that I would say Yes, I do! But the fall season is when it’s more acceptable and then I can use my all time favorite candle from Bath & Body Works, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin!

  • Getting to reread my favorite spooky books, such as Two Can Keep A Secret, There’s Someone Inside Your House, and Small Spaces!

I’ve talked a bit about my favorite ~SpOoKy SeaSoN~ books here, but these are my absolute faves.

  • Football game snacks

My dad is the only one in my house who enjoys football, the rest of us are here for the snacks ™.

  • All the Fall book birthdays that happen!

There are two things I can always count on. Tons of books getting published in the spring, and tons of books getting published in the fall. WE’VE HIT BOOK PUBLISHING SEASON, FOLKS.

  • Pretty leaves

Again, I live in the south so I don’t get “pretty leaves” anymore, but when I lived in Oregon? There were so many colorful leaves! I used to go on fall walks, and occasionally we would go on family drives through the mountains in Utah and have a picnic up under the leaves. Now we just get soggy Spanish moss 😦

  • Mosquito season HAS ENDED


  • The oppressing heat and humidity ARE GONE

Hmm, have I mentioned I live in the south? Growing up on the west coast had me thinking that the whole country had dry heat, when in fact, it does not. I hate humidity.

  • Thanksgiving!

My family doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving for what it is, we celebrate by making tons of food (no one likes turkey, so we always make an elaborate homemade Chinese dinner. It’s delicious.) Us kids get the TV in the morning to watch the Macy’s parade and then my dad gets the TV for football. We eat football snacks throughout day, spend all day cooking, have dinner, and then we have pie! Pumpkin, Cherry, Apple. We do them all. Have I also mentioned that my dad is a chef and my mom loves to cook, as do I? We have so many leftovers.

  • Hockey Season

I only recently started getting into hockey, but primarily for Gritty, the Philly Flyers mascot. My dad is a Philly fan in all sports so when they introduced Gritty last year, we all thought it was amazing. If you don’t know who Gritty is, please look him up on his Twitter and Instagram. He is, dare I say, Iconic…

  • Warm blankets and fuzzy socks!

I will take any excuse to break out my extra blankets and fuzzy socks. If I have to generate cold air in order to, I will, damn it.

  • Carving pumpkins

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and while I may be getting too old to trick or treat (who decided you got too old to do that, anyways? How else am I supposed to get candy for free?) carving pumpkins for the porch is fun! We save the pumpkin seeds for baking and eat them {I used to give them to my guinea pig, who only liked fresh ones. RIP, Bumble 😦 } One of my favorite things used to be going to the pumpkin patch to pick out my own pumpkins and stick them in the wheelbarrow, run through the corn maze, and feed the goats, but the south imports their pumpkins so we have to get them from the store now. Once again, I thought pumpkin patches were a country wide thing.

  • Seeing everyone’s Halloween decorations

I love seeing all of the fun door decorations, the pun-y gravestones people put in their yards, and the lights! I was driving home from the beach last week (I told y’all the south doesn’t have fall) (I hate “y’all”, I used it ironically) and passed a woman who had put a skeleton in her passenger seat. Dressed it and everything. I wish I had gotten a picture.

  • TV

All of my favorite shows are back on TV! I watch NCIS with my mom, I started Nancy Drew, I (regretfully) watch Riverdale, plus some others! I watch the episodes live when I can (and I live tweet them on my twitter @ramblingbooks when I do) but if I don’t watch it live, I watch it the next morning on the channel’s app.

final thoughts

What are some of your favorite things about fall? In my family, it’s tradition to watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown movie and the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie (although it’s sad watching all your childhood favorites and classics as you get older. A few years ago my family sat down to watch Rudolph and basically sat there in silence as we realized how much bullying went on. It was sad 😦 )

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2 thoughts on “Blogtober: My Favorite Things About The Fall Season”

  1. YES YES YES! Autumn is my favorite time of the year and I am *thriving* right now. I’m so glad I can finally wear all my sweaters, cardigans, and other long sleeve shirts without sweating five minutes in. And I’ve been drinking so many pumpkin spice lattes that I’m about to turn into one. I JUST LOVE IT ALL!

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