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Blogtober: Bookish Pumpkins!

Halloween is coming up, and I wanted to share some pumpkin carving templates you can use to make your porch look bookish at the end of the month! So for day 13 of Blogtober, I’m going to share some templates you can use and how to make your own!

I think it was maybe 2 or 3 years ago when I realized I didn’t have to use the standard pumpkin carving templates you get in the kits from the store. I was in the height of my fandoms phase, obsessed with Marvel, Supernatural, Dr. Who, and more! I went on google and looked up some fun fandom pumpkins and picked a few to carve, and the next year I started looking for some book ideas. I’m excited to share some book pumpkin ideas with you! I’ll be sharing some literary pumpkins from an article from BookBub and some I found elsewhere (and I’ll be linking to the original source, so if you like what you see, be sure to click the link!)!

1.Harry Potter pumpkins!

Harry Potter Pumpkins

These are some really awesome looking pumpkins. My favorite the sorting hat! You can find some carving templates below!

Image result for harry potter pumpkin carving templates

2. Sherlock Holmes !

Literary Jack-o'-lanterns: Sherlock Holmes

Here is a template you can use for a more modern Sherlock carving!

Image result for sherlock pumpkin carving templates

3. The Mortal Instruments !

Image result for the mortal instruments pumpkin carving templates

Here are some other runes you can easily convert into pumpkin carvings!

Image result for the mortal instruments pumpkin carving templates

4. The Hunger Games !

Image result for the hunger games pumpkin carving templates

More templates!

Image result for the mortal instruments pumpkin carving templates

5. Throne of Glass !

This is the official pin design that was sent out for the pre order campaign for Kingdom Of Ash! This can easily be converted onto a pumpkin design!

Image result for throne of glass stag

For the more advanced pumpkin carvers, you could also try the Night Court symbol!

Image result for acotar symbols

6. Divergent !

Here are the 5 factions on pumpkins!

Image result for divergent symbols pumpkins
Image result for divergent symbols pumpkins
Related image
Related image
Related image

So there you have it! Some literary pumpkins carving ideas! Have you carved and bookish pumpkins before? What did you carve? I hope you all have fun carving pumpkins this Halloween!


4 thoughts on “Blogtober: Bookish Pumpkins!”

  1. Well, having a template definitely helps! If you want an easier way to carve them(and for them to be reused next year!), pick up a hollow foam one from a craft store like Michaels and use a pen knife! Tape the pattern to the pumpkin, use a sharp pointy object like a push pin to poke holes in the pumpkin, then follow the outline you make and voila! I’m sure you can do it!


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