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Blogtober: Favorite Autumnal Books!

Hey everyone, and welcome to day 3 of Blogtober! Today’s prompt is Favorite Books to Read in Autumn! I’m pretty excited about writing this post, so I hope you enjoy it! If you have read these book, let me know your thoughts? I’d love to hear them!

You’ll notice a theme in this list, and that is that I love reading mysteries, thrillers, and Middle Grade books in the fall. They’re entertaining, not too scary and enthralling! Anyways, on to the list!

two can keep a secret and one of us is lying covers

#1 & 2. Two Can Keep A Secret, One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus

Two Can Keep A Secret is not only one of my favorite books (with a good twin relationship!), it also takes place in New England in the Fall, with a lot of time spent at a “Murder-Land” theme park, true crime obsession, and a killer on the lose!

One of Us Is Lying is another great book to read after you’ve read TCKAS because you’ll be wanting so much more of Karen’s writing, and because it’s yet another thriller! Both have queer characters, PoC characters, and diverse standing in other aspects such as finacially, etc.

theres someone inside your house cover

#3. There’s someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins

Another book you’ll find mentioned numerous time throughout my blog is this horror novel by Stephanie Perkins. You might recognize her from her contemporary romance trilogy featuring certain characters named Anna, Lola and Isla. While there are romance elements in this book, there is also a killer hunting down teenagers in brutal and horrific ways, there is a mysterious scandal the MC Makani is running from in her past, and so much more (this book also has queer characters and PoC characters!)

 small spaces cover

#4. Small Spaces by Katherine Arden

Small Spaces is a middle grade novel by the author of The Bear and the Nightingale trilogy, Katherine Arden that I picked up last year and loved! I had a very big Goldilocks moment with this book, discovering that it’s not too young, not too scary, not too cheesy. It’s just right for me! It follows the MC who finds a mysterious women trying to discard a book in a river, so she “rescues” it and becomes enamored by it! She takes it on a field trip to a pumpkin patch with her, and then she starts being haunted by something. She makes new friends along the way, learns more about her past and I cannot wait for the next book in this series (which happens in the winter time!)

the darkdeep cover

#5. The Darkdeep by Ally Condie and Brenden Reichs

This is another middle grade novel that is the beginning of a truly awesome series. Following a group of friends who discover this odd shack in the woods/swamp in their tiny logging town, they discover that if they jump through this well, it will spit them out through a lake nearby and if you jump in thinking about anything at all, fictional or real, the well will spit that fictional being out! They have fun playing with it at first, but then they start to become harmful to the group of friends and they have to try and figure out why this is happening and how to stop it. It’s a really good book and I can’t wait for the next one!

#6. Nancy Drew Ghost Stories by Carolyn Keene

compilation of nancy drew ghost stories covers

Nancy Drew is a timeless classic with hundreds of books in the series’, and they’re all mysteries! Some of my favorites to read around autumn are the ghost story novella bind ups, especially as this year there will be a Nancy Drew Convention taking place in my current city! It will be themed around the ghost stories, the scary computer game Ghost of Thornton Hall Nancy Drew game, and other stories! Fun middle grade books that can be read at all ages, especially other series written for Nancy Drew like the kids version Clue Crew series, the adult Nancy Drew Case Files, the updated and newer teenager Nancy Drew: Girl Detective, plus the original yellow flashlight classics! I could talk all day about Nancy Drew!

ghost of thornton hall cover + midnight in salem title page
the devouring gray cover

#7. The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman

This book takes place towards the begging of the new school year in a small sleepy town that has more secrets that it knows what to do with. It has a ton of chaotic bisexuals and magical powers. It’s a contemporary fantasy novel (the first in the duology!) set in upstate New York. I cannot stop raving about and reading this series. GO READ IT!

all eyes on us cover

#8. All Eyes On Us by Kit Frick

This is another YA thriller that has a f/f relationship, fake relationships, heavy topics like conversion therapy, and blackmail. Like always, I always choose thrillers for this list ad this is no exception. Kit Frick is awesome.

#9. The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

the raven cycle + call down the hawk cover

This book feels magical in the late summer/early autumn. This is contemporary fantasy to the fullest, and I plan on rereading (and reviewing!) this series this fall because of Call Down The Hawk, the follow up series about Ronan and Adam! I can’t wait to dive into this series because I have only read it once before, and my thoughts are pretty jumbled because I read the last two book IN A SINGLE DAY. I have no idea how I did it, but now I can’t differentiate between the two in terms of what happens in them lol

final thoughts

So there is my list! What books would you put on the list of favorite books to read in the fall? Do you have any specific favorites? I’d love to hear your thoughts and add those books to my TBR!

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