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Book Tag and Susan Dennard AAW Wrap-Up!

Hey, and welcome to the final post of Susan Dennard Author Appreciation Week! It was lots of work to put together, but I loved every second of it. Just thinking of the intricate world that Susan put together makes me happy, because the characters, story lines and relationships are some of my favorites in all of young adult fiction.

Below is a short recap of this week, and a book tag centered on Susan Dennard and her work! Thank you for joining me this week, and I hope to see you back soon!


We went over Reviews, Book Tags, Fan art Friday and a discussion post! You can find those linked below. I think the book tags were most popular, and it’s not hard to see why. People love when they get asked questions about their favorite things, and a book tag such as this is asking you to think about the Witchlands and then give an answer. What’s not to love?

If You Liked This, Then Try This: Witchlands Edition!

  • This post was basically a recommendation post that suggests books you may like if you liked certain aspects of Susan’s Witchlands Books. I’m pretty proud of this one!

Witchlands Book Tag

  • Like described above, book tags are fun and some of the most popular ways to interact with other bookish people. This tag asks you about characters in the Witchlands and who you would associate with them. It really makes you think!

Fan Art Friday

  • For this post, I compiled tens of pieces of art created by fans for The Witchlands series! This is definitely the one that took the longest to put together, but I’m very happy with how it turned out! I got permission from all of the artist whose art I used, and I made sure to credit them all. Do you have any art that you love, that I missed?

Bloodwitch Review

  • My review went up on the day of Bloodwitch’s book birthday! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- Susan’s books get better and better as she keeps writing them. Bloodwitch is no exception, and I’m so incredibly excited for the next book -Iseult’s!- and to see her story unfold, especially after the events of Bloodwitch!

Bloodwitch Discussion Post

  • This post pretty much flopped, but hopefully people looking back on these posts will see it and want to start a discussion! I’m always open to conversing with someone about Bloodwitch 🙂

Introduction Post

  • This is the introductory post to the week that lists the schedule, so nothing fun but it is informative!

Susan Dennard Book Tag

Susan Dennard: An Author on your auto-buy list

Besides Susan, another author on my Auto Buy list is Karen M. McManus who is the author of One Of Us Is Lying, Two Can Keep A Secret and the upcoming continuation of One of Us Is Lying, One Of Us Is Next. I have read and reread her books so many times and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

Something Strange & Deadly: An underrated book/series you love

A book that I don’t think gets enough love is There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins. This is a horror/thriller novel about a girl who lives in the middle of nowhere, America after leaving her home state of Hawaii pending her parents divorce and a scandal that involved her. Now she has been living in her grandmother’s hometown, hanging out with her friends when students in her new high school start getting brutally murdered. While the MC and her friends try to stay alive, float ideas about who the killer could be and why they’re doing this, and more, the MC is attacked and her and her friends have to try and figure this out fast.

It takes place around Halloween (which gives the perfect spooky vibes to this book) and I end up reading it every year. I love the characters most, which I think it why it’s one of my fave books, but I also love the thriller aspect of the book. True crime podcasts (Shout out to Small Town Murder and Southern Fried True Crime!) and documentaries are really interesting to me, and this book give me a tiny taste of that while being written for Young Adults.

The Witchlands: A book/series you can’t stop raving about

Besides the Witchlands, which I’m always trying to get people to read, I’m always talking about Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff’s The Illuminae Files! I cant even put into words how much I love these books and characters.

The Witchlands Show: A series you want turned into a show

If you haven’t heard, the Jim Henson Company has optioned the series for a tv show! If I had to pick another series to be a show, I’d pick The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. The series has such a diverse cast, strong female leads, gripping plot lines and swoon worthy romances, it would be perfect for a tv show.

Susan Dennard Games: If you had to pick a series to be a video game series, what would you choose?

Susan is a big video game fan and you can find her talking about her favorites in her Newsletter, on Twitter and Instagram, in in person. I wanted a question to involve video games, so I wrote this one.

I mentioned my love of The Illuminae Files earlier, and while I would love it adapted, I don’t think any form would get it right. A video would be absolutely kick-ass. It would also take yearsssssss, but I’d back that kickstarter!

#Baesult: What is a favorite slow-burn ship of yours?

For those unaware, people have taken to calling Aeduan ‘Baeduan” as in the slang ‘Bae’ (which means ‘before anyone else’). Combine Baeduan with Iseult, you get Baeseult!

The ship I would choose is from Christine Lynn Herman’s The Devouring Gray, which comes out this March! There is the main character, Violet, and when I read the arc I was completly drawn to another character in the book, Issac. Every interaction they had was some of my favorites. Yeah, I have a type.

So there is is! It is a shot tag, but I hope the questions make you think!

Thank you for joining me this week, and I’ll see you all next year with Iseult’s book!

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