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Fan Art Friday: Witchlands Edition!

Hello! Welcome back to SDAW! Today’s post is going to feature some brilliant fan art for the Witchlands! If you’ve got some or I’m missing other spectacular pieces, let me know! I’ll put them in a new post next time!

Just a heads up, you better prepare yourself for a lot of scrolling because there is tons of beautiful Witchlands fan art out there!

These first pieces are by the incredibly talented Mélanie Bourgeois! She has given me permission to share these, so if you like them, consider giving her a follow!

Character sheet for Aeduan that Susan Dennard commissioned!
Merik and Safi in Truthwitch!
Iseult and Aeduan in Truthwitch!
Love these two!
Safiya, pun master and swear word artist.
Merik in Windwitch!
Iseult and Aeduan OTP. What I wish would happen.

Next up is some breathtaking art from Alexis Castellanos! I actually have some of her artwork as my lockscreen because I love it that much.

This scene in Bloodwitch is my favorite scene, no lie.
When this snippet was released from Bloodwitch, I knew immediately I wanted someone to draw it and Alexis did a fantastic job.
Esme! I love reading scenes with her.
This is the one I have saved as my lockscreen. I love it.
Ryber Fortiza! Love my Sightwitch.
Iseult and Safi. I love how this picture captures the emotions of them being separated.

Next up: Witchlands characters sorted into Hogwarts houses? The iconic Nubrevnan 4 step? Some sweet threadsisters? Yes please! These were done by Safifonhasstrel on Tumblr and they’re totally awesome!

Witchlands × Hogwarts AU!
Close up!
Close Up #2
Close Up #3
Nubrevnan 4 Step!

Ready for some more Witchlands art? This one is a bit different in style, but it’s still fantastic! Tidewitchvivia on Tumblr makes these aluminum Witchmarks and photographs them in their natural habitat! The art isn’t only in the Witchmarks, which are fantastic, but in the photography as well!

Sightwitch Witchmark
Windwitch Witchmark
Ironwitch Witchmark
Tailorwitch Witchmark
Earthwitch Witchmark
Soilwitch Witchmark
Soilwitch Witchmark #2
Poisonwitch Witchmark
Rainwitch Witchmark
Plantwitch Witchmark
Plantwitch Witchmark #2
Icewitch Witchmark
Icewitch Witchmark #2
Waterwitch Witchmark
Waterwitch Witchmark #2
Firewitch Witchmark
Tidewitch Witchmark
Tidewitch Witchmark #2
Tidewitch Witchmark #3
Tidewitch Witchmark #4
Airwitch Witchmark

You ready for more? In 2017, Susan hosted a fan art & cosplay contest! The Gabardine Fox entered this amazing piece of art, and if my memory is correct, it was one of the finalists/winners!

Iseult Embroidery

We’re not done yet! This gorgeous art is from Hannah Roberts and I think it’s one of the most accurate character portrayals out there!

Iseult again!
Character sketches!

There’s more! The lovely Likely-radiant created this masterpiece, and I think it’s the first piece of fan art for Vaness I’ve seen? I love it.

Empress Vaness!

Guess what? More art! This set of work is by Erin at Saint-Tibbles! I really love these!

Aeduan sketches!

I think colored pencils are a dying art form unless you’re in grade school, but this gives me hope that it’s coming back into style.

This drawing of Iseult was done by Squallerzoya on tumblr, and I just love how simple it is.


I love the way Kissingagrumpygiant on tumblr captured Iseult. The sharp lines and soft features! Totally Iseult.


Now I’ve got one more piece to show you, and then I’m done (for now!)

This art of Safi and Merik before the final battle of Truthwitch is just phenomenal. Iryna Khymych did a fantastic job.

Safi and Merik!

So there we go! This was my first time doing a fan art Friday, and it definitely won’t be the last! What was your favorite artwork? Did I miss any other outstanding pieces? If you loved any of these, make sure you check out the artist and their other work! Chances are, they also have a place where you can buy prints of them! One day I’ll get some prints of my favorite fan art. One day…

8 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday: Witchlands Edition!”

  1. I loved seeing all this amazing fanart and everyone’s different take on these characters ! Oh and that last one got me right in the Safi & Merik feels 😍😭 I’m currently reading Bloodwitch and I keep hoping for a reunion but I have a feeling it won’t happen so I’m emotional already haha

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