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Susan Dennard Appreciation Week!

Welcome to my first annual (yes I am anticipating more in the future) Susan Dennard Appreciation Week! I think from now on I’ll be calling it (insert author) Appreciation Week, instead of (insert author) Week, if that made any sense.

So, the schedule for the week is… *drum roll please*

Monday (today): The intro to the week and schedule for the week!

Tuesday: My Bloodwitch review!!

Wednesday: Witchlander created book tag/s

Thursday: If You Liked This, Try This!/ Links to my previous Witchlands reviews!

Friday: Fan Art Friday: Witchlands edition! (Plus possibly a spam of Witchlands Valentines…)

Saturday: Bloodwitch discussion post! If you’ve read Bloodwitch, then the comments section of this post will be your friend! (Spoilers allowed!)

Sunday: Susan Dennard book tag & SDAW wrap up!

And then stay tuned for next week, because I have ANOTHER AAW coming immediately after that for Leigh Statham!

Can’t wait to share all of these with you guys!



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