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The Adventure Begins (again)

Thanks for joining me!

I would rather die on an adventure than live standing still – V.E. Schwab

Welcome! In January 2018, I started a book reviewing blog to share my ideas, opinions and love for books in hopes of connecting with me. After using Blogspot for one year, I decided to make the switch to WordPress because I’ve heard so many good things about it.

While I make this switch and transfer all of my old posts here, I am going to be updating my reviewing style. Writing reviews had started to feel like a chore because of the outline I had created for myself, so I am going to spend 2019 experimenting with my blogging style, most likely by rambling, which is good because that’s what I advertise!

So, 2019 is my adventure in blogging. I hope you’ll stick around!



3 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins (again)”

  1. Glad you switched to WordPress – I love using it, and the design\following options are so much easier to use.

    (Btw remember to turn on the like button so you know how many people have read your post!)

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